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Well a bit of a turn up for the books I must say but Citrix have announced there is to be a XenApp 7.5 which as far as we knew up until now was not going to happen.

Citrix have always said that XenDesktop 7 is the new unified way forward because of its ability to deploy applications and desktops from a multitude of operating systems. This effectively left XenApp 6.5 as the last version and the XenApp brand and IMA architecture effectively dead in the water.

So what do we know so far about XenApp 7.5, various sources have stated that IMA is still not used in this version with XenApp 7.5 favouring FMA as its architecture base.

Its also been stated that previous licensing versions such as advanced licensing will make a return so that will make a lot of customers happy.

App DNA is also discussed within the video so maybe the higher ticket licenses will include that as well.

Until more information or the ISO’s are available to play with little else is known about it but I suspect from talking to some colleagues and the information available that this version is an interim version of XenApp to assist customers in making the transition from XenApp to XenDesktop. To me it sounds like XenDesktop app edition with a few tweaks but time will tell how this will pan out.

The release annoucement video can be found here and more information will come to light shortly I’m sure which I shall add to this post.


Sadly it looks as if Citrix have pulled the video from youtube but I’m sure the officially official announcement will be due shortly.

Update!!!!! 28/01/14

It looks as if Citrix have made this announcement official by posting it on their main site and publicly tweeting about XenApp availability. But the big headline grabbers from the announcement.

  • Confirmation that its FMA only
  • Platinum licence holders also get MDM or EMM for a discounted rate
  • App DNA is thrown in for platinum customers
  • XenApp 7.5 will be able to connect to major cloud providers out of the box for hybrid cloud deployments.
  • XenApp 7.5 will be available from March 2014.

Read the Citrix announcement here


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