Citrix StoreFront 3.1 tech preview


Citrix StoreFront 3.1 tech preview has only just been released but I thought it would be worth putting up a few screenshots to show the improvements (no tech talk I’m afraid just tantalising pictures of whats to come). I’ve yet to run StoreFront 3.1 through its paces fully but going from all the new shiny buttons to play with it will make many of us extremely happy indeed and will no doubt blog more about it shortly .

First thing to mention is that it does feel a bit Web Interfacey in that some menu’s are reachable from inside others and the way it is laid out has changed a good bit.

The list of new and improved features of StoreFront (as per the Citrix website) are as follows.

  • Store-centric console architecture for authentication and Receiver for Web settings
  • Specify the optimal NetScaler Gateway appliances for various users
  • New or enhanced Receiver for Web settings:
    • Authentication methods
    • Shortcuts to websites
    • Deploy Citrix Receiver
    • Session settings
    • Workspace control
    • Client interface settings
    • Advanced settings
  • Multi-site configuration for multiple XenDesktop sites or XenApp farms across multiple geographies
  • Delegate authentication to XenApp and XenDesktop farms/sites
  • Configure features previously configured via web.config, including:
    • Workspace control
    • Client interface settings
    • Store timeout duration and retry attempts
    • Communication timeout duration and retry attempts
    • HTML5 browser tab settings
    • Socket pooling
  • StoreFront server health checks on each XenDesktop broker and XenApp server

Anyway without further ado heres some tantalising screen grabs!


Note the minimised menu options on the left but expanded on the right. Also laid out much more like Web Interface used to be.



You can now easily specify where the authentication request is validated.


Lots more options here!


Optimal HDX Routing


Hurrah User Farm Mapping has now been added to the GUI!





As you can see theres a lot of work gone into the tech preview and I’d be very happy if most of this transitioned into the GA. To try it out for yourself goto and login with you MyCitrix account.

——-Update——-5th November 2015——-

I’ve written a short post on the new user farm mapping features which you can read more about HERE.



Author: Dale Scriven






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