Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 FP2 Installation for FrameHawk

So Citrix recently annouced FP2 (feature pack 2) for XenDesktop 7.6 which includes loads of new features the most exciting of which for me is the FrameHawk integration.

When you download the FP zip package there are a number of MSI’s and MSP’s located within. These go either within the VDA or control tier of the XenDesktop infrastructure. For ease of installation the below is a quick list of the current contents of the FP2 download and where each component should be installed.

Within the Gold image
ICATS760WX64022.msp (For 64bit Windows Server operating systems, VDA core update)
ICAWS760WX64022.msp (For 64bit operating systems, VDA Hotfix)
ICAWS760WX86022.msp (For 32bit operating systems, VDA Hotfix)
WMIProxy_x86(x64).msi (Director upgrade)
HDXWMIPROV220WX64001.msi (HDX WMI hotfix)


Within the XenDesktop Controller
GPMx240WX86002.msi (For 32bit operating systems, group policy update)
GPMx240WX64002.msi (For 64bit operating systems, group policy update)
XDPoshModule760WX86002.msi (For 32bit operating systems, Citrix Director update)
XDPoshModule760WX64002.msi (For 64bit operating systems, Citrix Director update)

Within the Director server (if seperate to the XenDesktop Controller)
DesktopDirector.msi (For 32bit operating systems, Desktop Director update)
DesktopDirector_x64.msi (For 64bit operating systems, Desktop Director update)

Finally to make use of the FrameHawk features the Windows clients must be running Citrix Receiver 4.3. See HERE for more information on current FrameHawk support.



UPDATE – 17/8/15


Over the weekend a new firmware revision of NetScaler hit the shelves this happily includes FrameHawk support.

NetScaler 11 firmware revision 62.10 now supports FrameHawk with very minimum amount of fuss.

If you have an existing Access Gateway VIP then all you need to do is edit the VIP and enable DTLS in the servers AG VIP’s basic settings.



In addition to this you will also need to unbind and then rebind the SSL certificates associated with the AG VIP. Once that is done you are all set to enjoy FrameHawk goodness outside your corporate network.


Author: Dale Scriven

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