Competition Time

Citrix Competition vmware

Right Folks its competition time here at vhorizon. I have a Virgin experience day voucher up for grabs. Its a Double Supercar Thrill at a choice of great racetracks around the UK and I’m giving it away to one lucky winner.

What you have to do is nothing like the usual signing your life away blood or drowning in a sea of marketing emails forever more. All you need to do is tell me;

What is your biggest current EUC challenge?

Just use the contact box below to fill in your details and you will be automatically entered.

Small Print: The prize is a Virgin Voucher which cannot be substituted for anything else. It also has a limited shelf life and must be used by the expiry date upon the voucher. It is also only valid within the UK so whilst I welcome all answers to the question anyone outside the UK cannot win the voucher.
On the plus side no details entered will ever be used for nerfarious purposes the only contact you will receive from entering your details will be that you have won the competion. All details after the close of the competition will be deleted.

The competition will end on the 21st August 2015 and the winner will be contacted shortly after.

Good Luck!

Author: Dale Scriven

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