Configuring Citrix Receiver email account based discovery


Configuring Citrix Receiver email account based discovery is a simple step that allows users to input their email address into Citrix Receiver to gain access to your environment. The benefits of configuring email based account discovery is of course that the users are all happy with the concept of email addresses rather than having to enter a server address into Citrix Receiver which depending on the user entering it can have variable results! 🙂

Citrix Receiver

In order to configure this, you must have pre-configured your NetScaler (if you have one) for native receiver access (if you have not done so already see HERE for hints on the configuration). Then all you need to do is add one SRV record into your DNS infrastructure and your done. Well I say done, if you have a multiple domains on your network then you will need to configure an SRV record per domain.

Logon to your domain controller and open up the DNS console.

Right click your domain tree and choose Other New Record.


Scroll down and Select SRV.

SRV Record

Enter the information as pictured below substituting the host offering the service for the URL of your NetScaler Access Gateway.



Click OK and your done.




Author: Dale Scriven



4 thoughts on “Configuring Citrix Receiver email account based discovery

  1. I have tested this in a lab environment (internal). It works nicely, however I am curious to find out how this same method can be enabled for users on the internet?

    For clients who don’t manage their external DNS themselves, what are the steps required to enable this for external use.

    Any ideas?

    1. Thanks, the same process should be followed for external access if a client does not have access to their external DNS (unusual as far as my experience goes) then they would have to locate it via server URL instead of email based discovery.

    1. Using the server URL you need to ensure that your Netscaler (if your using one) has the correct profiles and policies for detecting a native Citrix Receiver client and shaping the traffic accordingly. See this link for more although I am creating a number of blog posts on end to end configuration of Storefront and Netscaler for the Citrix Receiver and Receiver for Web.

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