So you want to know how to remove a VMware View connection or security server eh! Perhaps you’ve uninstalled a security server and on your connection server console the little blighter is still there. Certainly with the lack of handy dandy “Remove” submenu it might seem a little worrying that you now defunct server is still showing within the console but fear not there is a simple way of removing the server from the console and the ADAM database.


All you need to do is login to your connection server where the orphaned entry appears and launch a command prompt in administrator mode. Then type the below (changing SERVER for the name of the entry you would like to remove).  Then hit enter and within a couple of minutes and a screen refresh or two later its gone!

vdmadmin -S -r -s SERVER


So removing a VMware View connection or security server is quite straight forward if your uninstall routine did not clean out the server from your installation.

Author: Dale Scriven

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