Installing a VMware Horizon View 6 connection server


Installing a VMware Horizon View 6 connection server is quite a nice and straight forward task in the build process of a VMware View deployment. I am creating a series of blog posts on installing and configuring VMware’s new desktop and application platform of which this is part 1.

Because installing a connection server is fairly straight forward I’ve created a video on the process (essentially next next finish) but will delve much deeper within each component as we go.

A VMware Horizon View 6 connection server has a recommended sizing of 4vCPU’s and 10GB’s of RAM. The actual disk requirements for the installation is fairly modest as the connection server installation package weighs in at 150MB so a standard VMDK size of 40-80GB’s should be more than enough.

A VMware Horizon View 6 connection server is said to be able to handle around 2000 connections at once but of course this is because the actual PCOIP traffic is direct between the endpoint and the virtual desktop or application so its fairly light work compare to a security server which also proxies the PCOIP traffic. Of course depending upon the host hardware your milage may well vary and you would really want to stay well away from the 2000 connections in a production environment.

I shall be covering replica servers and security servers in another part of the series so for now sit back and relax and either listen to my dulcet tones on youtube or hit the mute button and listen to something else instead. 🙂

Author: Dale Scriven

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