Citrix purchase Norskale VUEM


So last week Citrix announced that it has finalised the purchase of Norskale who provide a platform that manage the desktop workspace. Now I must say I’ve not had the chance to look into them much before but I’ve been missing out and this purchase by Citrix has me very excited indeed.

Its no secret that while the likes have VMware have been bolstering their Desktop level management features in the way of Immidio now VMware UEM Citrix have been somewhat left behind and sadly lacking in this area for some time.

Citrix UPM has been with us for a number of years and while new capabilities have been added over those years the core purpose and functionality have not really changed.

Now Citrix own Norskale I really hope this technology is very quickly added into the default stack as it provides a vast amount of functionality to control and maintain the performance of a SBC/VDI session. This would make perfect sense to include within the XenDesktop stack at probably the platinum level to begin with.

I’ve been taking it for a spin and am planning a whole series on installing and configuring the new Norskale purchase as it stands at the moment.
While waiting for me to hit publish heres a few tantalising hints on its capability which I think you’ll agree plugs a much needed gap in the Citrix stack.



Author: Dale Scriven

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