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ProfileUnity by Liquidware Labs is a complete end to end solution for managing profiles and applications and many other aspects of user experience within a desktop or SBC/VDI environment. By default when you deploy the infrastructure and license for ProfileUnity the license is installed expecting any users that will utilise the service to be part of an Active Directory group entitled “ProfileUnity”.

You can easily see which group your ProfileUnity installation is expecting by opening the management console and clicking your Username/About in the top right hand corner.

LiquidwareLabs ProfileUnity License

However you may want to change this group name to something else in the future and that can easily be achieved with the current license files within your deployment.

The first thing to note is that the licenses exist within two places:

1/ The server holds a copy in c:\program files (x86)\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity



2/ The client machines also require access to the license file which if following best practice will be located within your “Domain.local\NETLOGON\ProfileUnity” share, its worth also noting that the license file could be elsewhere. You can find this location by looking within group policy and locating your ProfileUnity policy configuration. Once located navigate to “\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Classic Administrative Templates\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity”. Navigate to the correct architecture subfolder (32 Bit or 64 Bit) and view the “System License Path” setting.

profileUnity NetLogon


Also happily the .lic file is human readable and just requires a simple edit to update the Active Directory group that will utilise profile management.

3/ Open notepad as an administrator and then open the ProfileUnity.lic file which would look something similar to the below but just with way less white spaces in.

profileUnity lic

4/ Now I’m sure you’ve jumped way ahead of me here but all you need to do is amend the $scriptstart_license_group = “YourGroupNameHere” to the desired group and as you can see this is in my lab so its been changed to the catch all domain users group. Save the change and exit notepad.

5/ You can either edit the license file within your %NETLOGON% share now with the same group name or simply copy and paste the licence file over from the C: drive of the ProfileUnity server.

6/ Finally log back into the ProfileUnity console and check that the about page now reflects the new group name if not you can either restart the server or restart the “Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity Service” within the services.msc.

The above changes will take place immediately so its best to have all the required users already added into the new group and as always a goo know backup and maintenance window, however the change is very painless and trouble free.


Author: Dale Scriven

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