I’ve written a couple of articles before on load balancing VMware Horizon View with Citrix NetScaler, but needed to revisit this for a couple of reasons.

A vendor approached me some time ago and requested that I create a white paper for them on the subject which I was more than happy to do. As time has gone on the scope has changed and some of my creation will be inserted into a larger paper that will be published in the future. They have kindly allowed me to publish the original document I created for them as I didn’t want the the full document to go to waste.

I’ve been waiting to update my original blog post (Here) on load balancing VMware Horizon View security servers but have decided to leave that as is with just a pointer to the document I’ve created.

Load balancing security servers is really a requirement when planning for high availability as VMware Horizon View currently has little in the way to provide fault tolerence at the connection and security server tier. A Citrix NetScaler is a great fit when considering high availability because of its advanced monitoring capabilties and many deployment options.

You can download the Load balancing VMware Horizon View Security Servers with Citrix NetScaler technical guide from HERE.


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