London VMUG meeting January 2013

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I realise that my blog has been somewhat citrix centric recently so I’m hoping to put that right shortly. I’m just on the train home from another great London VMUG meeting which is always a fascinating and inspirational experience. This time the sponsor presentations came from zero, 10zig and nutanix. Also there were some great community based presentations among my favorites were greg Robertson’s vcap exam experience and an end user computing panel wih Brian Gammage and other VDI industry experts. The panel was basically an open forum where we could pose any questions we wanted to the panel about end user computing and gain invaluable insight from those who have a vast amount of experience in the field.

VMUGs are also a great way to meet your peers and catch up with like minded friends , I had the pleasure of spending my day chatting to my colleagues and fellow forumites from the below blogs all are fantastic chaps and I highly recommend you add their blogs to your favorites.


Everything Virtual Simon Davies

vmFocus Craig Kilborn

Virtualize Planet Ricky El-Quasem



VMUGs as my “vmware get involved” page describes are regular community based meetings that are hosted in many regions and many countries (so you are bound to be close to one) , they are generally sponsored by virtualization centric companies and include many really useful sessions from community members . They are certainly not the dull sales based conferences that we have all been too where a vendor entices you in with a curly sandwich only to batter you senseless with their well practised sales patter.

If you have not been to one yet I would highly recommend at least giving one a go as everyone will get something out of the day at least and make new friends to share experiences.


By: Dale Scriven

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