Merging Desktops and Applications tab in Citrix StoreFront

Citrix Citrix Storefront 3

In Citrix Storefront 3.0 desktops and applications appear in seperate tabs by default. There are a couple of ways you can alter this behaviour so either all desktops appear on the applications tab or only a select few.


One change is a global change which makes all applications and desktops appear in a single tab while the other is a little more selective.


Display all desktops on the apps tab

In order to change it globally you will need to perform a bit of powershell magic on Citrix StoreFront.
Drop into powershell and run the following script:

cd “c:\program files\citrix\receiver storefront\scripts”
set-enhancedenumerationoptions -siteid 1 -storevirtualpath /Citrix/Store
-treatdesktopsasapps $true

Selectively display desktops on the apps tab

To be a little more selective on which desktops appear in the applications tabs you can use XenApp and XenDesktop keywords TreatAsApp . This will allow you to move individual desktops into the applications tab rather than the blanket change of the Citrix StoreFront powershell script above. I have written a little about keywords before and you can find how to use them HERE.







Author: Dale Scriven

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