Netscaler Error Java Applet Cannot be loaded

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If you’ve been getting a Java applet cannot be loaded message when trying to manage your Netscaler recently its because of recent required update to both OSx and Windows versions of the ¬†Oracle Java client.


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 21.09.09

Luckily there is a way round this little problem which is quite straight forward.


Open up the Java control panel either in system preferences (OSx) or control panel (Windows) and under the Temporary File Settings untick Keep temporary files on my computer, and then also click delete files.

This will allow you to now run the Java applets required to manage the Netscaler although you will receive a few security prompts before the applet will open.


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 21.14.04


Author: Dale Scriven

2 thoughts on “Netscaler Error Java Applet Cannot be loaded

  1. On Windows : Java Control Panel / Security Tab / Advanced Security link : verify enabled browser…
    in my case, Mozilla was uncheck…

  2. Only remedy to problem is to have 32 bit OS. I works fine. Tried all things on 64 bit OS but no success. 32 bit works fine.

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