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Not really a technical post I know but I thought I’d write a few lines about changes within Trainsignal towers. Any one in the business will be fully aware that they provide top quality video training products across a vast vendor portfolio (Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Cisco to name a few). However they have recently introduced a new subscription service as their main product.

In the past if you wanted a Trainsignal product you would open your wallet and pay the going rate for the single video series (give or take currency conversions it was usually around the £230-£250 for me). When you bought the item you received instant access to the video series online and Trainsignal sent you by post the 2 disk dvd, which included mobile versions of the training and audio as well. This is where I thought that Trainsignal should provide a download only option with a slightly different pricing model as whenever I bought one and Mr UPS turned up at the door he would never hand it over without import taxes being paid which was usually about £18-30 or so not too much to worry about I agree however it did add to the cost of the “free delivery” offered by Trainsignal.


Now however Trainsignal offer a subscription based server for $49 a month (read that as about £30) where you have full unrestricted access to all their training products online and practice exams. Videos can also be downloaded and played using their offline player (which currently is windows and mac only). So this makes it really into the Netflix of the IT training space.

I am aware that there is a competitor that does a similar thing however their subscription cost is alot higher and also of the videos that my colleagues have shown me the quality is nowhere near that in delivery or content or Trainsignals.

Personally I love Trainsignal products but my one issue with them is that once the exam is passed that the product relates too, the dvd’s are essentially shelved and never used again. Video are great for showing you a whole topic but for quick referencing a particular item its google or a book. This is where the subscription server comes into its own. So that’s access to an all you can learn buffet without the investment ageing for the princely sum of £30-ish a month which roughly rounds up to 2 full old school DVD versions of Trainsignal products per year. How many Trainsignal video courses can you get through in a year (an awful lot), and also you get access to new content as it is released.

One of the first things I check for any subscription service is that, if you can join with the click of a mouse then you can also leave with the click of a mouse. If you have to phone a number to cancel a subscription I’m not interested in what your offering. Luckily Trainsignal passes again with flying colours here with a handy end subscription option within your profile.

They are also offering a 3 day free trial of the service which one one hand I think a little mean spirited as we are all busy IT pro’s and 3 days doesn’t usually give you alot of downtime to have a good sniff round something new, but on the other hand I can see why they do this (no one wants to give anything away for free right)!


Overall the new subscription service is great value for money and I’ve already signed up, however as always there is an item currently missing that I think should be included. There should be an option to view the content on mobile devices which at the moment is not supported. Although I’ve tested viewing the videos on my Xoom’s browser and whilst it works an app would be most beneficial I think to the value of the subscription.


Overall this is a great move by Trainsignal and I love the new format and is a great way to push forward your own learning. To learn more and sign up HERE


Author: Dale Scriven

7 thoughts on “New Trainsignal subscription service review

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  2. I do not like this move, I like to receive something physical for my money. As for the download of the offline player it is is not unlimited it is like 3 or 4 lessons. I have never liked any of the CBT training. Then I came accross Tarin Signal and I was hooked it was great. Then the pricing chenged immensly, and now online base training with no DVD’s. They chage to much and this last change I do not support so they will loose me as a customer. I feel the only reason they did this is to prevent there training material from being copied not tp improve the experience. I prefer having the discs to train at anytime without paying a reaccuring fee to do so.

    1. Yes I agree to an extent, I too like having the physical media but as I said before for me the cost of the training was quite high for something that is essentially redundant after you’ve passed the exam. Also its more than likely true that the move is mainly to reduce the availability of their content from other avenues although it probably wont stop it and the move will clearly be not to everyones benefit. Personally I think that if I can get unlimited access to their whole catalogue for 10 months for the price of one old training package then to me thats a benefit that outways the current disadvantages of the format.

      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment its good to know what people think.


  3. I am a customer of Train Signal and can say the new streaming format is very much inferior to the DVD movies that can be played in Media Player or FLV Player and not require an internet connection – their off line player is also very much inferior to Media Player or FLV – Train Signal says this is a way to reach more people earth wide cheaper but really this is about Train Signal and not the end users

    It would have been fair to offer the new streaming format but keep the DVD format for those who prefer this way of owning movies you pay for

    This is sort of like Microsoft shoving Metro Desktop down everyone’s throats and having the marketing and sales team say this is for the good of the people – Train Signal has sadly turned to more profit as their model and less listening to the customers – I hope people vote with their dollars and tell the new owner of Train Signal no thanks !!!

    I have spent thousands of dollars on their movies but will not have any more dealings with them – the smell of dishonesty and greed is too over powering from Train Signal

  4. I love the trainsignal subscription, it is the best for $49.00 per month. this training can easily change people’s life for the best. just imagine if one gets a real good paying job because of their training.

  5. I’m just investigating and reviewing TrainSignal and from all the other competitors they seem like the most reliable and economical. In my opinion I don’t think they are being greedy, all business are about making money, and if they really wanted to be greedy and dishonest they could’ve make the monthly payment a lot less convenient add a contract in between and make you pay extra for updates. I like the fact that I can try it for 49 dollars and if I’m not satisfied just quit it and move on with no penalty, you spend 49 dollars but its better than signing a contact for 1,250 for only a year like I was offered by a different competitor.

    So TrainSignal up to now seem like the most reasonable and I really like that they offer many different certificates, which I will take if I’m satisfied.

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