Citrix StoreFront customisation script

I’ve been working on a powershell script to customise Citrix StoreFront look and feel over and above what the GUI options provides. things such as inconsistent colours etc can distract from a corporate branding scheme when using StoreFront . This Powershell script is hosted on github and is set to be executed on a Citrix StoreFront server where a new uncustomised store has been created. Grab the current script from here. —–Version—– 30/03/20 v0.1 Header bar colour Scheme Loading page colour scheme Image import utility UK English dictionary changes Server name footer display
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Citrix StoreFront and Workspace Beacon Probing

Beacon probing in Citrix Storefront isn’t that well documented and I had a requirement to look into it a little more within some VDI’s themselves. Consider this situation, you have a number of users that have VDI’s this could be 10-100,000 users it doesn’t really matter. You also have Citrix Receiver or Workspace installed within those VDI’s that utilise the native single sign on to a store for published applications etc. A pretty common scenario I’ll think you’ll agree.  As we all know beacon
probing is used alongside the native receiver feature to determine if the
client machine is inside or outside of the network and it does this by the
administrator configuring a number of internal and external beacon that receiver
attempts to communicate with. The client machineRead More…