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LiquidwareLabs ProfileUnity 6.5 allows your users to install their own applications within a myriad of configurations including physical desktops and non-persistant desktops. ProfileUnity UIA or User Installed Applications utilises the VHD file format which is mounted within the Operating System and captures any applications that are installed by redirecting the content to the mounted VHD.

This then allows the user to hot desk around physical desktops or be members of a non-persistent desktop group and still receive their own applications from wherever they login too.

For administrators setting up the feature is also extremely simple and ProfileUnity as a whole is a fantastic end to end solution for managing profiles applications and all the other items that used to cause headaches for Desktop Admins.

Setting up FlexApp UIA


1/ Open the ProfileUnity web console and login which is usually set to https://FQDN:8000

2/ Now select the Configuration Management button on the right hand side and then edit the existing configuration bundle.

3/ Now from the large amount of options you get open the FlexApp UIA opton.

4/ Select Add FlexApp UIA Rule

5/ Now heres the most complicated bit fill out the UNC details for the location where you would like to store the User installed VHD’s something like \\fileshare\folder\%username%\FlexApps.vhd will be sufficient. Choose a drive letter and change the size in GB’s that you want the VHD to be if required.
Then click Save.

6/ Click the Update button on the top right hand corner which will amend the configurations INI file with the new details.


7/ Now finally download the INI file to your deployment location, which by default is \\domain\NETLOGON\ProfileUnity and replace the existing ini file.


Thats it, within a few simple clicks you have enabled your users to install their own applications whether they are logging to physical or virtual desktops their own applications will follow them.


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Author: Dale Scriven

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