Renew your Citrix fundamentals 6 licence

Citrix Tutorial

So you’ve managed to install citrix fundamentals 6 and keep running with it for a year, now you get those lovely emails saying that you have to renew your licences for it.

Once you have logged into your mycitrix account and reallocated your new licence and downloaded the .lic file what do you do next.


1/ Log into your citrix fundamentals server and open the Citrix quick start applet.

2/ Click on the licencing menu item on the left hand side then hit the blue hyperlink that says “Add Citrix licences”.

3/ Point the dialogue box at your downloaded licence file and allow xenapp to install the file.

4/ At this point you will notice that the licences are cumulative *i.e. if you have 30 licences last year and have just installed the renewal licence for another 30 then 60 licences will be reported within the console with the approaching renewal date displayed rather than the renewal date (next years date).

5/ At this point you will need to open the services.msc console (startadministrative toolsservices) and stop the “Citrix Licencing” service.

6/ Once stopped (assuming you are using server 2008 R2) Navigate to c:program files (x86)citrixlicencingmy files and MOVE the old licence file out of the directory. Its important that you leave all the other files within the directory such as the citrix.opt and the citrix_startup.lic. If you are unsure of which licence file to move you can look at the licence file with notepad and within the top line is the expiry date of the licence file (in US format).

7/ Once the old licence file has been moved out of the licence directory, you can start the “Citrix Licencing” service within windows and check to make sure it displays the correct number of licences and days remaining. If you still had the citrix quick start applet open you will need to close and reopen it as more than likely the licence page won’t work until you do so.

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