Replicating a Citrix Web Interface site


Unlike Storefront the now sunsetting Citrix web interface has no method of replicating sites from one server to another.

However there is a manual method that will allow you to achieve the same results without having to configure all the options again which obviously opens up the possibility of config mismatch.

In order to do this you will need to configure the first web interface server manually as you need.

Then on the second web interface create blank sites using the new site wizard without any configuration and give it the same site name as the site you wish to replicate. When the site is created untick the configure site now option and then click finish.

Now go back to your original web interface server and navigate to the site you would like to replicate and navigate to c:\inetput\www\Citrix\%sitename%\conf\ and copy the webinterface.conf file. Now place it in the same location on your second web interface server. When you open the web interface management console you should now see that the config for that site is the same on the second server as the first.




Author: Dale Scriven

2 thoughts on “Replicating a Citrix Web Interface site

    1. Hi Rudra,

      Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do all sites in onw go, I guess you could write a batch file to do that for you if you have to do it often enough.


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