Reset Citrix StoreFront configuration


What happens if you want to reset your Citrix StoreFront configuration. Perhaps you’ve made a mistake that you dont want to uninstall or recreate the vm for.

You can simply reset the StoreFront configuration by using a simple powershell command ‘Clear-DSConfiguration’.

Like all Citrix powershell commands you have to import the powershell cmdlets but it is very easy to revert the StoreFront server back it its initial install configuration. After running the command and opening the GUI you will be asked if you wish to create a new deployment or join an existing server group. The script is outlined below.
#Reset Citrix StoreFront Server Configuration
cd ‘c:\program files/citrix\receiver storefront\scripts’

If you wish to use the above as part of a script then you may find that the powershell execution policy restricts the importmodules. to get around this you can call the script using the below (asuming the script has been saved as something like clear.ps1).

powershell.exe -exec bypass -file clear.ps1

Author: Dale Scriven

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