Silent install of VMware UEM Agent

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Silent Install of VMware UEM Agent

The VMware UEM Agent comes in the form of two MSI packages one is for the x86 platform and the other is for x64, you are all using the x64 one by now right?!

For VMware UEM it makes sense to deploy this on mass through one of many methods such as MDT, SCCM or whatever happens to be your favourite push/pull deployment mechanism.

Silently installing a basic configuration of VMware UEM couldn’t be simplier with just a couple of MSI switches plus the MSI file and the VMware UEM license file.

The simple command line to install the agent silently is:


VMware UEM Agent Silent Install

In addition to the LICENSEFILE viarable there are others that you can use to customise the installation.


The INSTALLDIR variable is straighforward enough as it allows yuou to specify where you would like the installation folder to be within the target system.

ADDLOCAL though is far more useful as it also has the following sub-options:

These options allow you to specify which components of the agent to install so if you simply want the agent to be installed without the self support or migrate options then just create your command line like this.

msiexec /I “VMWARE USER ENVIRONMENT MANAGER XX.MSI” licensefile=”FILE.LIC” addlocal=FlexEngine /PASSIVE

VMware UEM Agent Silent install addlocal

Its worth noting that capitalisation within the addlocal=FlexEngine seems important here as when I’ve installed it previously without the correct capitalisation I’ve had errors and install failures.



Author: Dale Scriven

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