Silently installing the VMware Horizon Mirage client


You can silently install the VMware Horizon Mirage client onto all your internal corporate devices in your network but it will also  be the first step in saving the day for remote workers.

Whilst you can use the script to deploy the client to your corporate endpoints it will also come into its own when Bob from accounts drops his laptop in the swimming pool while on a business trip. In this case you can send Bob of to El PC Emporo to buy whatever laptop the sales guys want to offload this month.You can then email a ZIP file to Bob including the client and a batch file to run which includes the silent install commands and once he has rebooted his laptop it will pop up as a pending device within VMware Horizon Mirage allowing you to save the day by restoring his old laptops data and settings.

The command line is as follows:

MSIEXEC /i MirageClient.x64.37931.msi /ServerIP=FQDNofMirageServer:port usessltransport=true /q

When using these commands you will need to substitute the .x64.37931 for the architecture and revision of the client you are using at the time. Also if you are not using SSL within your Mirage servers then you will need to remove the usessltransport=true option from the command line as well.

If you are using the command line options to install on clients that are external to the corporate network you will more than likely be using a Horizon Mirage Edge Server to allow users to contact the Mirage servers without the need to dial into a VPN in which case the FQDN of the Mirage server would then be the Edge server.


Author: Dale Scriven

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