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Citrix Xenapp

I’ve recently blogged about the slow performance of Citrix Storefront 2.0 during the first logon (you can read that HERE) and how to rectify this so whilst I’m on the performance bandwagon heres another one.

If you have a XenApp server that you are configuring and it is not permitted access to the internet then trying to run the server role manager to configure the licensing and SQL connections will result in a very slow and frustrating experience. This is due to again the time out of a CRL check. When you launch the server role manager windows will try to download the certificate revocation list from the internet and this of course is not possible if you server does not have access to the internet. To resolve this issue you will need to delve into Internet Explorer settings and ┬áthe advanced tab. Then scroll down to the security section and untick “check for publishers certificate revocation”.


You should find the performance much improved after the change.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 22.30.06



Author: Dale Scriven

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