Minimum partition size requirements for ESX ESXi 4.1

Hello.   I thought I’d whip up a quick table to show the minimum recommended partition sizes for ESX/i 4.1 and just a brief overview of what each is about. /Boot
1100MB /
5GB None
600MB None
Variable None
1.2GB None
100MB /Var/Log
2GB the /Boot location is where all the files are stored in order for it to (your way ahead of me hereRead More…

Dell Poweredge SC440 and esxi 4.1

This isn’t really a post more of a info bulletin that esxi 4.1 works perfectly on a dell sc440 server. The sc440 isn’t currently on vmwares hcl and I found little info on compatibility when trying to find out myself. For information I used the vihostupdate pearl script which comes with vsphere command line interface and the upgrade zip file to perform my update (see previous blog entry).Read More…