Parent virtual disk has been modified error vSphere 5

Whilst p2ving I came across this little issue when powering on a vm for the first time. I received an error stating the below: Cannot power On: Reason: The parent virtual
disk has been modified since the child was
created. The content ID of the parent virtual disk
does not match the corresponding parent content
ID in the child.
Power On virtual machine Now the only thing that I cRead More…

VirtualCenter 2.5 Min Hardware Requirements

VC 2.5 requires at least: 2Ghz Cpu 2GB ram 560MB hard drive space Network Card (pref 1Gb) The OS needs to be Windows 2000 server with sp4 or Windows server 2003 with sp1 or Windows Server 2003 R2 edition. Supported databases are: Oracle 9i Oracle 10g SQL Express 2005 (ment for non production or low count farms) SQL 2005 with sp1 SQL 2000 with sp4Read More…