Top 2013 VMware and Virtualization blog results


Well the results are in and Eric has kindly posted the results over at vsphere-land and I’m very pleased to say that of the 243 blogs vhorizion came 104th. I’m exceedingly pleased and grateful for this result especially seeing as my posts are no where near as plentiful as others.

vhorizon posts are usually the culmination of little known titbits or things I think you may find useful so it seems you dear reader at least find some value in the things I post.

I’m also pleased that my colleagues blogs have also done exceptionally well, great work guys and girls!

I’ll be working over the next year on improving the ranking which I can only do by providing content that you dear reader appreciate so if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to get in touch  Thanks again for your continued support!

Top VMware and virtualization 2013 Blog Results

Author: Dale Scriven


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