VMware App Volumes


VMware have acquired and interesting bit of technology recently and have rebranded it as VMware App Volumes. VMware App Volumes is a cool addition to the EUC stack as it enables the dynamic addition of applications to an OS without streaming or installing.

It basically boils down to adding VMDK’s with applications within them to vm’s on the fly. Theres a very quick demo of how it works on youtube.

VMware also are building out their pages for App Volumes and a very interesting read is the deployment guide which can be downloaded here.

I’ve not got around to having a go with it yet but Kees Baggerman over at http://blog.myvirtualvision.com  has mentioned on twitter that he has got it up and running in less than an hour which can only be a good thing. App Volumes is also compatible with XenApp and XenDesktop which increases design options considerably and reduce the traditional in image application requirements . All this of course is providing the corporate hypervisor is VMware’s ESXi.



Kees Baggermanhas also kindly tweeted me a updated link for a great blog post he has completed outlining app volumes and its usage with XenApp/Xendesktop I suggest you check it out here.

Author: Dale Scriven

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