When running the VMware View client and attempting to connect to your environment you may receiver this little warning message “the identity of this server is not verified”.


the identity of this server is not verified

This is not an error message but more of a warning that the View client is configured to not check the validity of an SSL certificate that is presented to it. So the client is just telling you that it hasn’t bothered to check that the certificate is valid or not.

In order to verify the issue if you navigate with a browser to your security server (or load balanced instance) the SSL certificate will pass validation with a lovely green padlock sign which tells you that there is nothing wrong with the certificate.

To resolve the the identity of this server is not verified message simply click on the SSL Settings hyperlink within the View client and select “Warn before connecting to untrusted servers” instead of “Do not verify server identity certificates”.

Do not verify server identity certificates


Author: Dale Scriven

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  1. Craig says:

    I just upgraded my client to v3 and this appears to be the default behaviour? Not sure I like that…

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