If you receive an almost immediate error when trying to provision instant clones of Failed to extend swap file from 0 KB to xxxx KB when using VMware Horizon View this can be generally for a couple of reasons.

Firstly and most obviously, check that you have enough storage on your datastore to provision the swap file. The swap files are generally kept with the virtual machines however this can be changed globally at the datacentre cluster level to a specific datastore. In order to check or change this setting. Click on your vSphere Cluster and then Configuration\General.

VMware vSphere Swap File

Secondly (and more likely)make sure that your template virtual machine has the guest memory reservation set so that your template virtual machine is utilising all of the virtual machines allocated memory. Simply click Edit Settings on your virtual machine template and expand the Memory option. Then tick Reserve all guest memory.

VMware View instant Clone Reserve all guest memory

You should now find that you no longer receive the Failed to extend swap file from 0 KB to xxxx KB during an instant clone operation message and can create your VMware Horizon View instant clone catalog.

Author: Dale Scriven

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