VMWare workstation 8 and windows server 2012 blank screen


If you are attempting to load vmware tools into a windows server 2012 vm, during the installation you may find you screen goes blank or black and you can not do anything with it apart from shut it down. You may also find that when you start the vm again when the vmware graphics driver initiates the display will blank out again.

To fix this issue you need to enable the “accelerate 3d graphics” option within the vm’s settings when it is powered off which should resolve the problem.



Author: Dale Scriven


7 thoughts on “VMWare workstation 8 and windows server 2012 blank screen

    1. Have you tried a custom install of the vmware tools and not installing the svga driver. I so far have not had the problem on the retail release of windows 8 only the RC vesion.

  1. I have the retail version (64bit), and the problem. I have VMWare v9.0.0. After I posted here I found the suggestion of not installing the SVGA driver. I re-installed VMWareTools without SVGA, and so far after a couple of hours It’s still OK.

  2. Hi, have the same problem, its showing CMD but when i close the command prompt, its showing only black screen, i tired to enable/disable 3D graphics and reinstall vmware tools, but its still the same, any suggestions?

    Thank you

    1. Just to confirm have you reinstalled the tools in custom mode and removed the vga driver from the installation of the tools?


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