Whats new in Citrix XenDesktop 7.5


Citrix have announced the new features that will be available in XenDesktop 7.5 so heres the low down on the big hitting features.


Hybrid Cloud provisioning is now included so you can provision desktops and applications on premise and also from within the cloud using any cloud service provider you wish. This will be a great addition to the feature set to allow extremely flexible expansion and contraction of services for those companies for example who have seasonal workflow.

App DNA is also thrown in to the deal as well for platinum license holders which will allow a much quicker analysis and integration of applications into the modern XenDesktop platform.

Like XenApp 7.5 Citrix are offering special deals for adding on mobility services to your current upgrade plans which will allow you to take advantage of MDM or EMM at a vastly reduced cost.

A feature I think that has been missing and its a biggie which help makes the remote PC deployment scenario more compelling is the inclusion of WOL (Wake On Lan). So now if you have a remote PC deployment and endpoint can be started remotely instead of needing to leave the endpoint running when you leave the office. Many cost savings to be had there as well as ticks in the CO2 emissions boxes.

Web Interface is also in extended support for this release so if you have an existing Web Interface installation and cannot migrate at the moment to Citrix Storefront its no problem to continue to use Web Interfac.


I think you’ll agree there are some great new features in XenDesktop 7.5 and the biggest for me I think are the new WOL features in remote PC and then the hybrid cloud provisioning. More details can be found here.


Author: Dale Scriven

2 thoughts on “Whats new in Citrix XenDesktop 7.5

  1. the WOL scenario seems a bit fake, since it requires Microsoft SCCM. It’s a bit like having to but the whole office suite to write an “hello world” text file….
    If WOL is not native, the physical desktop scenario is incomplete

    1. Yes agreed, I was disappointed when I found that out as as it only really benefits medium to larger businesses as the are the ones likely to have SCCM in their environment.

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