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Microsoft Windows Server 2012

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With the beta exams on their way for Windows Server 2012 (which itself is scheduled for release in October 2012) early birds are starting to look around for resources for learning about the new platform either in view to taking the exam or just to see how 2012 can work for you. I am putting together a number of resources which will help you learn about Windows Server 2012 before its release which I hope you may find useful.

First off is Microsoft’s beta exam micro-site which should give you all the information you need in order to obtain the latest certification LINK

Next is Microsoft’s jump start series of videos (of which there are 12). These videos are fast paced for those of us who are already very familiar with previous Microsoft server platforms.  LINK

If you have a kindle then at the moment the kindle version of Introducing Windows Server 2012 is free on amazon. LINK

Lastly what good is any of this material without the product to play with, here is the release candidate of Windows Server 2012 for you to try out all the new features. LINK


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