Working with Xendesktop and VMware esxi5

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If you have chosen vmwares vsphere 5 as your xendesktop platform of choice you will probably find that you will hit a brick wall when trying to connect your provisioning server to vcenter (either by using the quick deploy or the desktop deployment method). When entering the fqdn of the vcenter server (for example https://vcenter.domain.local/sdk)  you will receive a connection error.

This is because the self generated vcenter ssl certificate is not trusted by the pvs server. So if you open internet explorer on the pvs server and navigate to vcenter.domain.local you will get the ssl certificate error page.

With xendesktop 5 this is easily fixed by on the pvs server following the below instructions:


Open internet explorer and navigate to your vcenter server by entering its url https://vcenter.domain.local.

Ignore the certificate error and continue on to the standard vsphere webpage.

Click on the certificate error box next to the address bar and click on view certificate

Click the install certificate button and move through the wizard selecting “place all your certificates in the following store”

Make sure that show physical stores checkbox is selected and import the certificate into the Trusted People\Local Computer store.


Once the certificate has been imported you can check that it installed correctly by closing internet explorer then reopening it and navigating back to the url of the vcenter server https://vcenter.domain.local you should notice that you do not receive any certificate errors.


Now that the certificate has been installed you should be able to enter the url into your pvs desktop setup wizard ( https://vcenter.domain.local/sdk ) which should now allow you to specify a host, vmnetwork and datastore for your desktops.

Author: Dale Scriven

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