Checking netscaler session policies

Citrix netscaler

If you’d like to know what session policy your device is using when logging into access gateway then there is an easy and realtime way to find out.

Knowing which policy your device is using (laptop,pc, tablet whatever) is vital especially when you are using policy filtering within XenApp to apply different policies based on the Netscaler session policies, it can be a little tricky to find this vital information to aid troubleshooting, or even just testing that everything is working as it should.


However help is at hand, what you need to do is:

1/ Login to the Netscaler console either through putty or console session.

2/ Drop out to a shell session by type “shell” and hit enter.

3/ Then type “nsconmsg -d current -g pol_hits”


This will give you a live output of all the policies that are being hit by incoming device connections. and the last policy being shown within the console when you perform a test login with your device will be the policy that is being used.


Author: Dale Scriven

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