Citrix NetScaler and included Universal CAL

Citrix netscaler

Since the release of Citrix NetScaler 11.1 revision 49 Citrix have thrown in a number of Universal CAL’s into the platform for “free”.

I say “free” because you still need to have purchased a NetScaler appliance whether its a VPX or MPX appliance but now the standard, enterprise and platinum licence editions of NetScaler includes the Universal CAL’s which allows the usage of the SSL VPN through the Access Gateway plugin and also enables the usage of SmartAccess.

SmartAccess allows you to use end point analysis and direct incoming connections to the correct filters and session policies based upon things such as up to date anti-virus definitions or if the client is domain joined or coming from a particular IP address. So including this capability which was previously a paid requirement for any amount of usage is a great step forward in securing your environment.

So now when you purchase the a NetScaler licence or upgrade the firmware on an existing appliance the following Universal CaL entitlements will also be unlocked.

NetScaler Standard edition includes 500 Universal licences
NetScaler Enterprise edition includes 1000 Universal licences
NetScaler Platinum edition includes UNLIMITED Universal licences

The Universal licence is a concurrent user licence so if you have more that either 500, or 1000 users concurrently using your NetScaler then you will have to purchase additional licences as the licence limit is a hard stop once its being utilised and will not allow concurrent user number 501 or 1001 to login.

I think you’ll agree that this addition makes NetScaler an even investment and add’s a lot of functionality for me upfront cost.

Author: Dale Scriven

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