VMware announces AppVolumes 3 feature list


So a couple of blog posts have dropped over at VMware about the new features included within AppVolumes 3. Going through the list of updates all appear to be great updates however the last two made me sit up and take notice!


AppCapture and AppIsolation

AppScaling with Multizones

Integrated Application UEM and Montoring

Unified Admin Console

Going from top to bottom you have AppToggle which allows you to target applications within a single appstack to to different users. So you could have multiple applications within a single stack but have say Visio assigned to the IT team and MS Project assigned to the managers.

AppCapture and AppIsolation is a new tool to ease the process of capturing and updating applications including ThinApps.

AppScaling with Multizones removes the need for additional methods to replicate AppStacks across datacentres and will utilise fileshares which will be scanned for AppStacks and then imported into the venter environment.

Intergrated Application, User Mangement and Monitoring. Now this is where things get really interesting. It appears as if VMware are joining the AppVolumes and the VMware UEM (previously Immidio) products together and offering this as a single product. This is a great move and was hinted at at the UKVMUG I attended last year. Both products are fantastic in their simplicity and delivery options and offering these as a single SKU will provide even more reason to add the products to the design portfilio.

Finally the Unified Admin Console, This is stated as being in Beta in this release will I assume mean that the immidio and AppVolume admin consoles are being amalgemated into a single pane of glass. Being in beta I am looking forward to seeing how this is going to look.

Now as with all things its all sounds fantastic but to truely understand the advances in this version of AppVolumes I’ll need to kick the tyres but its looking like a great release which I’ll be looking forward to utilising in my designs.

You can read more about it on Harry Labana’s (Vice president of EUC, VMware) blog post here .

Author: Dale Scriven

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