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So Citrix have updated and rebranded the Unidesk acquisition and have released it under the name Citrix App Layering.

To be entitled to use Citrix App Layering you must have a minimum of XenApp Advanced of XenDesktop VDI and you also need to have a current Customer Success Services agreements (Previously entitled Software Maintenance).

If you are an existing Unidesk customer/partner you can login and download the content directly from the Unidesk website for the time being. Confusingly though the Unidesk software is not available from the standard site where all the other Citrix content is available. No, its retrieved through their cloud portal site Which you need to sign up to. This is a very odd and confusing choice and it appears to a new visitor that some elements of Unidesk have to be managed from the cloud. This is not the case.

All you need to do is create an account on and the hit the request trial button. Once you get an email saying your request has been approved you need to click the sign in button on the email. Finally click Manage on the Citrix App Layering option within


Contrary to what the website suggests you don’t need to download the Cloud connector installer or perform any action at all within,.com apart from download the correct appliance bundle for your hypervisor.


Thats all you need to do to get hold of the Citrix App Layering components. To be honest I hope they change this access method for the on-premises version of Citrix App Layering (Unidesk) because its not particularly logical for new customers and has already lead to some confusion if twitter is anything to go by.

Author: Dale Scriven

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