Citrix XenDesktop VDA for Linux


This is an interesting nugget from Camp Citrix. They have released a technology preview of a XenDesktop VDA Virtual Delivery Agent for Linux. This has the possibility of extending the FMA architecture to allow for specialised manufacturing/financial applications etc to be catered for rather than being tied to a workstation installation.

This opens up a whole new world in delivering applications and desktops and moves away from the Windows only world we live in as Citrix people.
Admittedly this is a technology preview with no guarantee of release but the possibilities are certainly very interesting.

In my line of work I must say that demand of linux applications and desktops delivered by Citrix technologies is fairly low but when it is asked about its usually of decent size and complexity.

The technology preview is open to customers but you will need to be selected in order to test the new VDA by having a valid use case within your organisation. Sign up HERE.

If this is the start of the bun fight between Citrix and VMware EUC technologies then this is could get exciting in the next couple of years.


Author: Dale Scriven

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