Dell Wyse PC Extender and VMware Workstation 10


I’ve been having a bit of a play with Wyse/Dell PC extender recently and hit a brief brick wall when installing it. My main lab is based on VMware workstation 10 and when installing the pc extender on top of a Windows 7 VM all seemed well.

That was until I rebooted it, the boot loader was altered correctly and SLES started loading but then it would stop and the progress bar would stay at about 25 percent. A quick F2 to the console later revealed this little ditty.

Wyse pc extender


Could not find host system partition which obviously means something is up with the disk. However there is an easy fix for this.

Remove the hard disk from the virtual machine (but do NOT delete the vmdk). and then click add.

Select hard disk from the menu and click Next.




Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 22.16.27


Now instead of accepting the defaults here (as shown below) select SATA and click Next.


Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 22.16.33


Then select use existing virtual disk and select the now orphaned VMDK file and click next.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 22.16.44


All there is left to do is click Finish and boot the VM. You should now be able to boot it fully without any further problems.



Author: Dale Scriven

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