Top vBlog 2015 voting

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The top vBlog 2015 voting phase has begun and is open to anyone to place their votes on their favourite blogs and bloggers over the past year.

The top vBlog process is sponsored by infinio and vSphere-Land run by the excellent Eric Siebert, for those of you lucky enough to make it into the top 50 commerative coins will be available as a cool keep sake of your achievement.

As anyone who dabbles knows blogging takes time and commitment however provides a valuable resource for everyone to find about new technologies or obscure error messages that no one else has come across.

Blogging has also opened many doors for me as well and I’ve made many good friends within the virtualisation community because of it so if you’ve been toying with the idea of blogging I would highly recommend that you do so.

I was honoured to come in at number 63 last year which was a climb of 40 places from the previous and I’m grateful for each and every vote. If you’ve found anything of mine interesting or helpful this year then please feel free to think me when casting your votes.


To begin casting your top vBlog votes head over here or drop directly into the survey here and why not join in and be social, follow me on twitter, Facebook or linkedin!


Author: Dale Scriven

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