How to change text in Citrix Storefront


Heres a nice little tip that will allow you to quickly and easily change most text within Citrix StoreFront Receiver for Web sites.

Ever wanted to change the text that appears within Citrix Receiver for Web. Turns out theres a handy dandy cheat sheet built into StoreFront for those of us who are not code junkies, heres how to access it and also implement your desired changes into StoreFront.

Firstly logon to your StoreFront server and explore to the following location(change “en” for your local language along with the Drive letter and Store name):


Inside it you will see a single file with a file name similar to ctxs.strings_%Random%.js



Now edit this file with notepad and you will get an extensive list of the current text that is displayed by Citrix StoreFront to the user. [DO NOT ACTUALLY CHANGE THIS FILE].

For ease of access heres a current list of my js file at the bottom of my blog post.

All you need to do now is find the text you wish to change and copy the whole line and then ensure notepad is open with admin rights.

Open the strings.en.js file (again substitute en for your language) from “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb\custom”

Input your copied string into the file in-between the {} as exampled below:

(function ($) {
$.localization.customStringBundle(“en”, {
Desktops: “VDI”,
AllApps: “Stuff”,

Save this file and attempt to logon and navigate to the area where you are expecting to see the changes to text. Once tested ok propagate the changes to all the other servers in the group.


You can see another example blog post I wrote HERE detailing how to correct the spelling of Favourites within StoreFront.

Text block from StoreFront 3.01  February 2016
About: “About”,
AcceptTermsMessage: “Please accept the terms of the licensing agreement before installing Citrix Receiver.”,
AccessGatewayChangePasswordWarning: “Logoff is required after a successful password change. You will need to log on again to use your apps.”,
ActivateCitrixPlugin: “Activate the Citrix plug-in”,
ActivateReceiver: “Activate…”,
ActivateReceiverToolTip: “Activate Receiver on your desktop”,
Add: “Add”,
AddAll: “Add All”,
Added: “Added”,
AddedToFavorites: “Remove”,
AddFavoritesTitle: “Add Favorites”,
AddFavoritesDescription: “Go to Desktops or Apps, click on Details next to your choice and then select Add to Favorites.”,
AddFavoritesDescriptionDesktopsOnly: “Go to Desktops, click on Details next to your choice and then select Add to Favorites.”,
AddFavoritesDescriptionAppsOnly: “Go to Apps, click on Details next to your choice and then select Add to Favorites.”,
AddFavoritesDescriptionPhone: “Under the menu, go to Desktops or Apps, click on Details next to your choice and then select Add to Favorites.”,
AddFavoritesDescriptionPhoneDesktopsOnly: “Under the menu, go to Desktops, click on Details next to your choice and then select Add to Favorites.”,
AddFavoritesDescriptionPhoneAppsOnly: “Under the menu, go to Apps, click on Details next to your choice and then select Add to Favorites.”,
AddToFavorites: “Add To Favorites”,
AllApps: “Apps”,
AllAppsTitle: “All Apps”,
AllAppsForToolbar: “All”,
AllowPluginToRun: “Allow this website to run the Citrix plug-in to access apps.”,
AllRightsReserved: “All rights reserved.”,
AlreadyInstalled: “Already installed”,
AppDetailsUnavailable: “App details unavailable”,
AppInMaintenance: “\”{0}\” is temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance.”,
AppRequestPendingApprovalCannotStart: “\”{0}\” is pending approval and cannot be started.”,
Approved: “Approved”,
AppStore: “Citrix Receiver”,
AuthFailureSmartcard: “Cannot log on using smart card.”,
AuthFailurePassthrough: “Cannot log on using the account you used to sign on to the computer.”,
Available: “Available”,
Back: “Back”,
BackToAppsAndDesktops: “Back to Apps and Desktops”,
BlankFolder: “[blank category]”,
Bundles: “Featured App Groups”,
Cancel: “Cancel”,
CancelRequest: “Cancel Request”,
CannotAddApp: “Cannot add app \”{0}\”.”,
CannotAddAppTitle: “Cannot Add App”,
CannotCompleteYourRequest: “Cannot complete your request.”,
CannotGetYourAppsFromStore: “Cannot get your apps from the store.”,
CannotRemoveApp: “Cannot remove app \”{0}\”.”,
CannotRemoveAppTitle: “Cannot Remove App”,
CannotMoveApp: “Cannot rearrange apps, as the server is currently unavailable.”,
CannotStartApp: “Cannot start app \”{0}\”.”,
CannotStartDesktop: “Cannot start desktop \”{0}\”.”,
CannotStartDesktopSuggestRestart: “Cannot start desktop \”{0}\”. Try restarting it.”,
Categories: “Categories”,
ChangeClient: “Change Receiver…”,
ChangePassword: “Change password…”,
ChromeAppOriginMismatch: “Please contact your IT department with this information: You must whitelist the ID of Citrix Receiver in StoreFront.”,
ChromePluginHelperMessage: “Please allow the Citrix plug-in to run on this website to access apps. For more information refer to the Citrix Knowledge Center article {0}.”,
CitrixCopyright: “\u00a9 2015 Citrix Systems, Inc.”,
CitrixLicenseAgreement: “Citrix license agreement”,
ClickContinue: “click <strong>Continue</strong>.”,
ClickInstall: “Install Citrix Receiver to access your applications”,
ClickLogOnToContinue: “Click Log On to continue.”,
ClickUpgrade: “Click install to upgrade Citrix Receiver”,
CloseYourBrowserToEndSession: “Please close your browser to log off.”,
CloseYourBrowserToProtectAccount: “Please close your browser to protect your account.”,
Connect: “Connect”,
Continue: “Continue”,
CookiesAreDisabledBody: “Please enable cookies in your browser before using this version of Citrix Receiver”,
CookiesAreDisabledTitle: “Cookies Disabled”,
Denied: “Denied”,
DesktopInMaintenance: “The desktop \”{0}\” is temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance.”,
DesktopRestartWarningText: “Restarting your desktop may solve the problem, but you will lose any unsaved work.”,
DesktopRestartWarningTitle: “Do you want to restart desktop \”{0}\”?”,
Desktops: “Desktops”,
DetectAgain: “Detect again”,
Details: “Details”,
DetectClient: “Detect client…”,
Disconnect: “Disconnect”,
DisplayInFramesNotAllowed: “This site has been loaded within another web page. This page will be refreshed to reload the site.”,
DoYouWantToStartApp: “Do you want to start \”{0}\”?”,
Download: “Download”,
DownloadAgain: “Download again”,
DownloadReceiver: “Download Receiver…”,
DownloadingReceiver: “Downloading Receiver…”,
Faq: “FAQ”,
Featured: “Featured”,
Folders: “Folders”,
ForFullExperience: “For a full-featured experience, use {0}.”,
GoBackToChoices: “Go back to choices”,
Help: “Help”,
IAgreeWith: “I agree with the”,
IfAlreadyInstalled: “If Receiver is detected, you will see a window in a few seconds. Please choose {0}.”,
IfNoWindowAlreadyInstalled: “If no window appears, select {0}.”,
IfNoWindowDetectAgain: “If no window appears, click {0}.”,
IfNoWindowOptions: “If no window appears, select from the options below.”,
IfWasInstalled: “If Receiver was installed successfully, your browser will show a window in a few seconds. Please choose {0}.”,
InfoBarSecurityInformation: “Allowing the ActiveX control to run will install software on your computer.”,
InProgress: “In Progress”,
Install: “Install”,
InstallationBegins: “Please wait while the download process begins.”,
InstallReceiver: “Install Receiver…”,
InstallWhenDownloadComplete: “Install Receiver on your machine when the download is complete. Once you’ve installed Receiver, return here and click {0}.”,
JustAMomentDetecting: “Just a moment, we’re detecting if Receiver is already installed.”,
LaunchApplication: “Launch Application”,
Less: “Less”,
LicenseAgreementContentCode: “CTX_code EP_T_A124358”,
LicenseAgreementContentText: “Use of this component is subject to the Citrix license or terms of service covering the Citrix product(s) or service(s) with which you will be using this component. This component is licensed for use only with such Citrix product(s) or service(s).”,
LicenseAgreementContentTitle: “CITRIX(R) LICENSE AGREEMENT”,
LoadingContent: “Loading Content…”,
LoggingOff: “Logging off Citrix Receiver…”,
LoginTimedOut: “Logon has timed out due to inactivity.”,
LogOff: “Log Off”,
LogoffError: “Logoff error”,
LogOffSessionsFailed: “If any apps are still running, please exit them manually.”,
LogOn: “Log On”,
LogonHasExpired: “Your logon has expired. Please log on again to continue.”,
LogonTextPassthrough: “To use the account you used to sign on to the computer, click Log On.”,
LogonTextSmartcard: “Insert your smart card into the reader and click Log On.”,
Menu: “Menu”,
More: “More”,
MultiApprovedApps: “Your request to add these apps is approved.”,
MultiDeniedApps: “Your request to add these apps is denied.”,
NoAppsFound: “No items match your search.”,
NoAvailableAuthMethods: “No logon methods are available on this platform.”,
NoUpdates: “No Updates Available”,
NoWindowDownload: “If no window appears, proceed to download.”,
OK: “OK”,
OnceComplete: “After Citrix Receiver is installed, “,
Open: “Open”,
Other: “Other”,
Overview: “Overview”,
PartialRefreshFailure: “Some servers failed to respond”,
PasswordExpiresTodayMessage: “Your password will expire today.”,
PasswordExpiresTomorrowMessage: “Your password will expire in 1 day.”,
PasswordExpiryChange: “Change Now”,
PasswordExpiryChangeLater: “Not Now”,
PasswordExpiryMessage: “Your password will expire in {0} days.”,
PasswordExpiryTitle: “Do you want to change your password?”,
Pending: “Pending”,
PendingApproval: “Pending Approval”,
PhoneOrTabletRequired: “Phone or tablet required”,
PhoneOrTabletRequiredMessage: “Please use an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet to access your apps and desktops.”,
PleaseLogOnToContinue: “Please log on to continue.”,
PopupBlockerDesktopAutoLaunch: “Citrix Receiver has connected your desktop. To see your desktop, allow pop-ups from this website in your browser.”,
PopupBlockerReconnectApps: “Citrix Receiver has reconnected your apps. To see your apps, allow pop-ups from this website in your browser.”,
Preferences: “Preferences”,
QuickAccess: “Favorites”,
ReceiverForMac: “Receiver for Mac”,
ReceiverForWindows: “Receiver for Windows”,
Refresh: “Refresh”,
RememberLogonMethod: “Remember my logon method”,
Remove: “Remove”,
Request: “Request”,
Restart: “Restart”,
ResourceIsNotAvailable: “\”{0}\” is not available.”,
RetryDownload: “Retry download”,
SearchAppsPlaceholder: “Search All Apps”,
SearchDesktopsPlaceholder: “Search Desktops”,
SearchFavoritesPlaceholder: “Search Favorites”,
SearchPlaceholder: “Search”,
SearchResults: “Search Results ({0})”,
SecurityDetails: “Security details”,
SecurityInformationText: “Whenever you download a file over the Internet, there is always a risk that it will contain a security threat (a virus or a program that can damage your computer and the data stored on it). To check the file for security threats, click Install and then save the file to a suitable location on your computer. Scan the file with an up-to-date antivirus program and carry out any other checks required by your corporate security policy before running/installing the file. You may need to reconfigure the security settings on your computer to install or run the file.”,
SecurityInformationTitle: “SECURITY INFORMATION”,
SessionExpiresInMinutes: “Citrix Receiver will time out in {0} minutes and {1} seconds due to inactivity.”,
SessionExpiresInSeconds: “Citrix Receiver will time out in {0} seconds due to inactivity.”,
SessionsListFailure: “Cannot start your session. Wait a few minutes and try to log on again. If you still experience problems, contact your help desk.”,
SessionTimedOut: “Your session has timed out due to inactivity.”,
SingleApprovedApp: “Your request to add this app is approved.”,
SingleDeniedApp: “Your request to add this app is denied.”,
SkipToLogon: “Log on”,
SkipToLogonTip: “Click here to skip to log on”,
SoftwareNotDetected: “Software not detected”,
SoftwareNotDetectedDetails: “Citrix Receiver cannot be detected on your computer. If you know that Citrix Receiver is installed, you can click Continue to log on. If you need assistance, contact your help desk.”,
Start: “Start”,
StartApp: “Start App”,
StartAppMessage: “Please start this app from the Home screen of your phone or tablet.”,
Store: “Store”,
SwitchToExplicit: “Switch to user name and password”,
SwitchToSmartcard: “Switch to smart card”,
ThirdPartyNotices: “Third Party Notices”,
ThirdPartyNoticesWeb: “Citrix Receiver for Web”,
ThirdPartyNoticesHtml5: “Citrix Receiver for HTML5”,
TopRated: “Top Rated”,
TotalRefreshFailure: “Refresh Failed”,
TryAgain: “Try again”,
TryAnotherLogonOption: “Try another logon option”,
TrySearchingInApps: “Try searching in Apps.”,
UnblockCitrixPlugin: “Unblock the Citrix plug-in”,
UnsupportedDevice: “Unsupported device”,
UnsupportedDeviceMessage: “Please use a supported phone, tablet or desktop to access your apps and desktops.”,
Update: “Update”,
UpdatedCat: “Updates Available”,
Upgrade: “Update”,
UpgradeAvailable: “Update available”,
UpgradeCloseBrowser: “You may be asked to close your browser during the installation process.”,
UpgradeInProgress: “Upgrading Citrix Receiver software…”,
UpgradeLater: “Upgrade later”,
UpgradeLaterTip: “Click here to continue without upgrading Citrix Receiver”,
UseAnotherLogonOption: “Use another logon option”,
UseChromeApp: “Use the Citrix Receiver for Chrome App to access this site”,
UseFullVersion: “Use full version”,
UseLightVersion: “Use light version”,
UseReceiver: “Use Receiver to access your applications and desktops.”,
UsingFullVersion: “You are currently using the full version of Receiver. Would you like to change to the light version?”,
UsingLightVersion: “You are currently using the light version of Receiver. Would you like to change to the full version?”,
WaitAppInstallMessage: “Your app will be installed in a few minutes.”,
WaitWhileConfirmInstall: “Please wait while we confirm that Receiver was installed…”,
WebVersion: “Web version”,
WelcomeToReceiver: “Welcome to Receiver”,
YouCannotUseAppsOrDesktops: “There are no apps or desktops available to you at this time.”,
YouCannotUseDesktops: “There are no desktops available to you at this time.”,
YouCanUseLightVersion: “If you do not want to install Receiver you can use the light version, with fewer features, in your browser.”,
YouHaveLoggedOff: “You have logged off successfully.”



Author: Dale Scriven




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  1. One of the supported texts “RememberLogonMethod: “Remember my logon method”,”. How do you change the color font on that?

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