Microsoft Visio connector point and VMware Fusion fix

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I run a windows VM with VMware fusion on my mac for the sole purpose of Microsoft Visio and all the pretty pictures that I need to draw.

Theres always been a drawback though for me which I’ve never really looked into fixing until now. Drawing Connector (connection) points in the diagrams has always produce quite alot of blue air around me. Normally in Windows all you have to do is click the X to specify that you want to create a connection point and then press CTRL as you click the location where you would like it to go.

Within VMware Fusion however pressing CTRL to begin creating your connection point just produces the right click menu when you click the location within the Visio diagram.

Anyway today I decided to try and figure out if anything can be done to cure my issues with Visio connectors in VMware Fusion. It turns out its a very simple fix.

Goto your virtual machine settings and click the Mouse and Keyboard.


Now click the dropdown cog on the virtual machine profile and click Edit.












Now simply deselect the Secondary button option.











Job done, you can now create new Visio Connection Points until your hearts content. I’ve lived with this for a while and am now kicking myself for not looking into it before.

Author: Dale Scriven

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  1. Thanks, a great example of one of those needle/haystack issues that one person on the planet has figured out so that the rest of us can get on with it…appreciate the post!

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